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Common English Mistakes Quiz

Instructions: Choose the answer that BEST corrects the error in each sentence.

1. Which version of this sentence uses the correct article? A) I would like to order an salad and a chicken sandwich. B) I would like to order a salad and a chicken sandwich. C) I would like to order an salad and chicken sandwich.

2. Identify the sentence with correct verb tense consistency. A) Yesterday, I went to the store, buy some groceries, and then I come home. B) Yesterday, I went to the store, bought some groceries, and then I came home. C) Yesterday, I go to the store, bought some groceries, and then I came home

3. Which sentence demonstrates correct subject-verb agreement? A) The box of crayons are on the table. B) The box of crayons is on the table. C) The box of crayons were on the table.

4. Choose the sentence with correct word order. A) I quickly yesterday ran to the bus stop. B) I ran yesterday quickly to the bus stop. C) I ran to the bus stop yesterday quickly.

5. Select the sentence with correct punctuation. A) My dogs name is Max he's a beagle. B) My dog's name is Max; he's a beagle. C) My dogs name is Max, he's a beagle.

Bonus Challenge:

6. Rewrite the sentence, fixing any errors: The old, wooden house creaked and groan as the wind howls outside.



Answer Key:

  1. B
  2. B
  3. B
  4. C
  5. B
  6. Example revision: The old wooden house creaked and groaned as the wind howled outside.

Explanation of Common Mistakes:

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